Robert Pattinson is extremely WONDERFUL!

OMG I’m going to cherish this memory forever!! He was genuinely sweet, he was so pleasant to speak to. His accent is as wonderful as you’ve ever pictured the sound of it to be. Even though he had over 200 fans at Jimmy Kimmel show he took the time to exchange words with everyone. He literally signed 3 portraits for me, my breaking dawn book and took 3 pictures in total- I made him laugh a few times because of the nonsense that came out of my mouth lol and he hugged me =]. I am literally on Cloud 9 right now!!!I accidentally forgot my camera so I dont have access to the ones my friend took which are the two main ones, but I believe she will give them to me tomorrow after the Imprint Ceremony at Chinese Theatres. 

My birthday is tomorrow and this was just the perfect start to a wonderful 23rd Birthday celebration.